Miryam – Netherlands

With participating in the project I want to show my female strength, my dignity, my softness, my humour, my pureness, my support to all people who have lost a part of their body or mind. [...]
July 23, 2014/by erica08
Dana 011315-125-2

Dana – USA

At the ripe young age of 85, I’ve never been happier with all phases of my life. When people ask me “Dana, how are you always so up?” I reply “Well, I tried being down once and I didn’t like it.” Life is to be lived and enjoyed. [...]
January 17, 2015/by erica08

EJ – Black Rock City USA

{At Burning Man} The dust, like nudity, is a great equalizer. [...]
September 11, 2016/by erica08

Alison – USA

Here we are, adapting back into the rawest form of humanity: becoming comfortable in our own skin through the courage and strength that lives within us. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Jeroen – Netherlands

Without clothes we are all equal. Common nudity might well be the key to the transformation of the world into the new era. Imagine... [...]
July 11, 2014/by erica08

Theresia – Netherlands

Being on an inner Journey since a couple of years ago, I feel more and more that it is about acceptance, surrender and being right here in every moment. Though this is not easy for me, I feel something deep inside of me, saying ‘just dive into it.' [...]
July 18, 2014/by erica08
Brook 071015-100a-2-2

Brook – USA

Run your hands through me. I am almost ready to be mixed into the earth. I am almost ready to become something I won’t even recognize. [...]
July 18, 2015/by erica08
Kirra Donna

Kirra Donna – USA

My stark white body against the uninhabited pavement gave me the feeling of what one might call an apparition, as if I was watching myself, completely removed from the situation, like an objective onlooker. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08

Sarajane – USA

There's a temptation to reach for comparisons. To draw parallels between my body and theirs. To seek approval from myself and from others. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08

Matthew – USA

To be naked is to be alive. Unzip and step out. Shed that invention of a shield, that expression of suppression of should be’s. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08
Finneke 0094a-2

Finneke – Netherlands

To stand naked before the camera I actually laid bare my soul. The experience opened the way, released me from prison, connected me to my body. It makes me feel silent and Alive! [...]
July 30, 2014/by erica08
DiAnna 011115-276

DiAnna – USA

I know I am powerful. I know I am vulnerable. Being both is what makes this Human experience a Divine gift. Being able to share and show all of my Self in this way lets me know that I am ready to accept all of the adventure and joy that is here for me. [...]
January 13, 2015/by erica08
Fleur 081916-129

Fleur Inanna – Italy

The mystery builds with every magical breath that is given, the…
August 22, 2016/by erica08

Rachel – USA

"Be big." That's something I said to a close friend recently, who weighs just under 100 pounds, and who struggles with worrying that if she eats too much, she will become unattractive. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08
Steven 011118-371

Steven – USA

I was born with a mosaic of birth defects that required multiple surgical and therapeutic interventions. I think I have done the best I can with what I was given. [...]
January 13, 2018/by erica08

Mikey – USA

I FEEL SO ALIVE!! Through this experience, I have learned fully the beauty of my body, as well as my soul. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Jenn – USA

If I had been standing in front of a mirror I might have felt differently. My eyes falling to all of the places on my body’s mirrored reflection that aren’t “perfect,” and me wishing for them to be some other way. But that didn’t happen. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Erica – USA

I realize that I cannot hide how I feel about myself or my body. If I feel shame I will teach shame. If I feel love I will teach love. The choice is mine. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Jenna – USA

Today, I celebrate my sexuality as a dynamic, daring and expressive force! I am cultivating a practice of coming back into the present moment to inquire, "What is truly alive in my body, where do I feel it and what does it feel like?" [...]
December 19, 2013/by erica08

Nannie – Netherlands

This is the circle of my embodiment. By taking my life for real more and more, new circles will open themselves for new adventures and discoveries. They will touch my fears and my judgments...my hurts of the past and the hurt of generations before me. But most of all they will touch my ability to love and be loved. Sharing my story with the world is part of the healing. [...]
July 27, 2014/by erica08

Delilah – Netherlands

The power is building up inside. And I felt my body; the energy comes in and I started to come alive, to fly, free from the supporting base. No more restrictions. Just space, openness, love, breathing, freedom in a beautiful naked body of a Woman. [...]
August 8, 2014/by erica08

Carol – USA

Over the years I have pushed myself to an unreachable standard of beauty that I have prescribed only for myself, a perfection I demand from myself that is ultimately unattainable. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Cecily – USA

There was a good chance we were going to be spotted by someone we know before long. For that reason we were quick and stealth and full of giggles for the naughtiness of it all. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08
Dennis 040416-12-4a-2

Dennis – USA

This is the Dennis that Lisa was hoping for! My precious Lili will rejoice when I am no longer lonely. My tribulation is over, this miracle is on my next adventure… And this miracle is going to help others kick the world’s ass with a smile on my face…let’s go! [...]
April 5, 2016/by erica08

Sean – USA

Why is it that we are so shut down from our bodies? When did this start? Who upholds this lack of education? How is this directly tied to the personal healing journey? [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08
Rex 072615_0228

Rex – USA

And Breath..... the transition begins... the clothes drop away..... my skin feels the space..... images captured on camera's retina.... an awaiting world in need of deep authentic stories.... The dance of the liminal is in full swing.
August 5, 2015/by erica08
Jana 010614-169-2

Jana – USA

Today, on the day of my photo shoot, it has been four years and twenty three days since I first received treatment for my eating disorder. Needless to say, my relationship with my body is complicated. [...]
January 11, 2015/by erica08
David 042816-459-2-2-2-2

David – USA

Why can’t I see myself as the artist does - someone who is appreciated for what he gives and provides - inspiration and excellence? Isn’t that who I really am? [...]
May 1, 2016/by erica08
Erica 042915-97

Erica – USA

Because of this / because of you / for you and with you / I am on this bench today / so you can see me now / Naked, truly [...]
May 14, 2015/by erica08

Daniel – USA

One day while walking, a gust of winter wind chilled my human bones. Pulling my coat up around my shoulders, I shuddered. Instantly, my fleshy body disintegrated and scattered to the wind. [...]
December 19, 2013/by erica08

Scott – USA

The day of my photo shoot with Erica was going to be a cold one. Though I really wanted to do it out in nature, I seriously debated moving it indoors for the sole purpose of avoiding the cold air’s shrinking effects on certain body parts. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Heather – USA

I really enjoyed doing this photo shoot because it reminded me how much I enjoy being naked, especially in nature, and it made me appreciate my body more. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08

Sierra – USA

Some people have told me that I am pretty, and others that I am ugly. I rarely believed either was important. I was embodied. Regardless of what others saw, my body was my own. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08
Lily 021914-239a

Lily – USA

I remember dancing. I remember dancing under the moonlight, the drum’s beating heart enticing my body to sway. I remember hips circling, arms swirling, bare feet stomping on the naked earth. [...]
March 1, 2014/by erica08

David – USA

Oh, mud. Sitting on the river bank warming myself with a hot toddy after the shoot, I notice a woman in the distance tumbling off the path down the river bank. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08
Matthew + Erica

Matthew + Erica – USA

February 5, 2014/by erica08
Zelle 092215-84

Zelle – USA

I am here in this human body, on this planet, at this time, with these people, and in these situations to love and be loved. What better way to love and be loved than to be a fully embodied, seeing and seen human being? Would you like to be seen too?
October 9, 2015/by erica08

Janell – USA

I love posing, I'm a camera ham. Before the shoot I was reluctant…I wanted to lose some weight before being photographed so that I had a thinner belly. C'est la vie. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Zack – USA

Oh Body Me, I have no qualms with Thee! [...]
January 5, 2014/by erica08

Zen Master This – Black Rock City USA

Growing up in New Jersey in the 1970's as a skinny, unathletic kid, I didn't have much of a connection with my body. [...]
September 8, 2016/by erica08
Xandra 070614-181

Xandra – Netherlands

I started my Tai Chi Stick... to comfort myself... to BE at the land's end, on the crossing... of land & sea, water & air, air & earth... I was there... Totally in balance and perfectly fine. [...]
August 2, 2014/by erica08

Grace – USA

I’ve been disconnected. I spent my first 25 (or more) years completely out of touch with myself and my body. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08

Reve – USA

I stand on the muddy bank stark still, excited, apprehensive gazing at the dark fall-chilled, cold river. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Bri – USA

I want to be an example for whoever this project reaches, to show them that everyone has these issues, but you don’t have to allow them to control you. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08

Esjay – USA

Cold hard metal against my shaking hands, the tip-toeing dancing pads of my feet. I was excited and happy. Thankfully, I had the warm rush I was counting on. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08
Mary 090216-83-2

Honey – Black Rock City USA

My prayer is that other women can join on this path toward re-shaping our culture's expectations of the feminine body. [...]
September 16, 2016/by erica08

Savannah – USA

I know the full impact, the true impact, of this entire experience won’t hit me until these words are shared alongside my picture. My body, my story; they are my identity. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08

Dominique – USA

Once upon a time there was a feral goddess who met a wizard from distant lands. The wild nature of this feral goddess attracted the wizard to share the rhythms of the forest. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08

Jules – Netherlands

I could feel that the suffering—my suffering—was ending here now at this place standing next to Jesus, and he transformed into a symbol of joy and life. I felt my love for him and mankind and his infinite love. [...]
July 15, 2014/by erica08
Ryan 021714-47-2-3

Ryan – USA

Look at this human form and see me for who I am, a genderfluid human being that may express theirself along the spectrum of gender possibilities. [...]
March 14, 2014/by erica08

Keri – USA

I breathe. I soften. I am breathed by the Universe, by Creation, as a promise to Life and Purpose. This radical permission bursts forth from under my hands. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08
Emily 061514-68

Emily – USA

I am Emily: daughter of Cynthia, daughter of Virginia, daughter of Ruth. I am Emily: mother of Tulsi, mother of a child in my womb, soon to be birthed into this world. [...]
June 12, 2014/by erica08

Dana – USA

I was 13 when “heroin chic” mainlined into popular culture. This aesthetic exalted women for visible bones and total passivity. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08
Deena 072914-284

Deena – USA

Erica just left after taking a generous amount of photographs while I hung around my living room unclothed, completely free to ponder myself in the flesh in front of a lens, and the fact remains... I have no idea what my body really looks like. [...]
August 13, 2014/by erica08

Sully – USA

I was once a hunter. I hunted for laughter, play and companionship, and the bounty was full. But the prize I wanted the most was the source of these pastimes... I hunted for Love. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08
Lauren 040214-298

Lauren – USA

You’re going to find a way (soon) to begin mending. To begin learning how to love yourself. The world’s expectations of what is perfect will continue being relentless but you will figure out that being perfect is such a bore. [...]
April 10, 2014/by erica08

Brad-Leaf – USA

Healing Ritual Space is where I spend about half of my time. The so-called "altered state of consciousness" is a place where I go regularly, on my own accord. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08
Aaron & Asher

Aaron + Asher – USA

love yourself unconditionally ... because it's more fun that way ... because it's how it was meant to be ... because it helps us love ourselves too [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08

Erica – USA

My lifelong struggle to accept my body as valuable and beautiful, with all its “flaws,” in our idealized culture, has taken me to the very depth of my shadow and to the razor’s edge of my capacity to grow. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08

Ireen – Netherlands

...In the womb of Mother Earth, I really felt to the bone and in every cell of my body, how it feels to be Me, to be NOW, in this very moment in the Here and Now. Totally and fully present in this beautiful body of mine. [...]
July 21, 2014/by erica08
Becky 050314-228

Becky – USA

I actively initiated my healing journey, or maybe it actively initiated me, in 2007. Either way, something began then that I haven’t been able to stop. [...]
May 11, 2014/by erica08

bj – USA

The spontaneous and unrehearsed way of participating in the project was so thrilling for me, matching the project's intention to demonstrate the unadulterated naked truths of our bodies. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08
Alina Ahh

Alina Ahh – USA

I loved being a faerie in the wild. Being naked with only my wings on! For years, I have been playing wildly and creatively as a faerie stilt-walker, but I have never thought about doing it naked. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Michael – USA

I come from small-city Kentucky, a place on the Ohio River, spreading up into the surrounding hills and forests. I was raised on camping trips and too many books. It leaves its impact. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Mudita – Black Rock City USA

I stand for embodiment, to embrace my sisters and brothers even in disapproving eyes, and even when I shed my judgements on others. [...]
September 15, 2016/by erica08

Ellen – Netherlands

This experience stays with me, it was very transforming. Without judgements and concepts there remained only Being, Loving, and Potential. Since then I feel more connected, FREE in being me, grateful, and filled with a very new feeling of inner joy. [...]
August 4, 2014/by erica08

Yves – USA

My physical issues are real. All I have to do is point them out; they cannot be denied. I do not believe other people do not see them. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08
Gord 051416-425

Gord – USA

I've mostly been captured with a brush or pencil, not a camera. I love the blending of nudity and nature, and that was a major incentive for doing this. (And at 59 years old, I thought, "Why not?") [...]
May 20, 2016/by erica08
Luz and Sandra 082014-193b

Luz + Sandra – USA

We are mother and son, eternal friends and companions in the great mystery, conspiring to heal our lineage. United and completely naked, we are liberated even from our old stories. [...]
August 29, 2014/by erica08

Bert – USA

America is greatly hung up on beauty and youth. At 84 I’m probably less critical and less involved with the height, width, size, and shape of bodies. [...]
December 12, 2013/by erica08
Ann Marie

Ann Marie – USA

Skin, stone, leaf, river, rain. I came longing for deciduous leaves. I pictured myself naked Among lush foliations of green. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

SaNdRa* – USA

When I appreciate beauty in whatever it is: in the landscape, in people, in music, in our bodies, I feel like we are opening up in a higher level within ourselves and with the oneness we share with the rest of the people in the world. [...]
December 18, 2013/by erica08

Connell – USA

A man standing atop a grassy knoll, playing an ancient instrument, reflecting on the ancient music that is now soaring with the wind. He is in control yet he is flawed and fragile. He is mortal. [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08

Julia – USA

When did my mind get to have a say in how natural I felt in my body? Where and when was I taught to doubt? By what force of creation was I influenced to try and subdue the power? [...]
February 5, 2014/by erica08