Fleur 081916-129

Fleur Inanna – Italy

The mystery builds with every magical breath that is given, the natural blossoming beyond the “I” is most infinitely bound. My path is like water, a way of nature the determines the feminine flow of awakening within the infinite. To fully become and inhabit the unending expression of nature, appearing over and over out of the unchanging in a temporary expression of beauty, love and play.

Embodiment is not about someone or something being in the body, it is to become entirely embedded within existence, within everything with no divides, inclusive of our physical form but not exclusive. Inclusive of all parts, inner and outer, upper and lower, front and back, inclusive of all other.

When all sense of me becomes embedded within everything I become the material fabric of my very nature and all that is appearing within reality in the moment through me. In this there is a soft natural flow of union propagating outwards from the center of everything, within me, radiating out and folding back on itself.

When the experiencer and the perceiver no longer exist apart, when inner and outer are one, when all halves unite and the womb is empty full; white magic appears within all things, this belongs to the mystery and is where miracles happen.

To move from this, as the naturally appearing expression of union, in total ease and softness of being, complete receptivity of nature rising from within, driven and harnessed, is pure ecstasy. It is here I disappear so entirely into the magical appearance of things, I am so fully gone whilst simultaneously being so fully here.

It is like becoming an infinite weave of union between and within all things; to recognise the origin within me, that pulls in the thunder and rain and strikes my laugh with lightning, all things become cohesive, responsive and moved by such inner marriage including me. The light, the rocks, the water, my body, the camera all worked together to propagate nature’s expression within the moment, the happening effortlessly informing itself in creation of itself, the center of which is arising within me, within all things. This feels like deep ease and totality of flow which inhabits everything, it is like dreaming the dream from deep sleep and rest.

I recognise that sharing this union compels me according to divine proportion; this, my basic offering that is not exclusive to me, but most obviously inherent to me in a way it may not be to someone else; every individuated whole serves a role within nature, we complete each other by design; this is mine. I have a deep sensitivity for beauty within divine proportion and perfection of all things and love, so often the nature of my sharing is intimate with these qualities. I was once called a sensual scientist, I like this name. Such sharing is entirely dependent on my capacity for union in any given moment and the creative capacity belongs entirely to all things, to consciousness itself. I cannot make it happen, I cannot do anything; in fact it is only when all that I am is gone, can what is most true to my nature appear within all things through my body.

This body, this waterfall, this person, these rocks are recognisable to be one but not the same; each part unified within itself and with other. Natural expression appears within me, within you, we inform and change one another in a dance of individuated wholes. The greater the impeccability of union, the greater the creative play between things. So intimately absorbed we become, the impeccability of our union increases its reach so naturally.

Catawba waterfalls, this magical place I deeply love. You opened your medicine to me and mine poured into you. I feel blessed to participate with you in this intimate way. To become you so entirely and direct all that you are in creative dance through the flow of body. In the days leading to this moment you appeared within me over and over, propagating union within the spirit of the water, rocks and elders who guard the sacred river. Yesterday as l lay in the water, all sense of me slipped through a doorway within my own being in the center of my body through the core of my heart, disappearing entirely into, back and within the undivided whole that was my body, my nature, this waterfall, the shaman who remembers, all became one, contained, cohesive, magical appearance within the inner most sanctuary of being. The enhanced beauty and love that our creative play has inspired, in obvious service to the whole radiates me. You are not a thing, nor I, and yet I truly bow to the spirit of uniqueness that you cascade.

Erica, beloved infinite companion. I see you and how you disappeared so entirely into the play, directing my body through nature to fall and twist and turn, to light up, to celebrate, to feel, to cry, to radiate with goddess. I was deeply moved when you asked me to stand, I looked up to the sky filled with rising water, radiating as the majestic sovereignty of land/body ~ creation beyond “I”. I felt you within me, the shared sentiments of all beings who remember the way of infinite water within “the deepest wish for all beings to know they are love, to know this beauty exists within every shape and curve, line and limb, cell and tissue in their beautiful, undivided, differentiated bodies, and come to know this directly through the intimacy between and within all things.”