Aaron & Asher

Aaron + Asher – USA


Dismantling Wrongness


my son is perfection

this is clear to me

as it is with all parents with eyes to see

our children, born naked

mirror our own divine beauty

our innate goodness


as i dance with my son

on this journey of parenting

he teaches me where i have forgotten

to love myself

to play, to celebrate being alive

in a body, perfectly suited for me


i see also

as i teach him how to be in this world

the broken eyes of society

that live in me too

that find wrongness, cast judgements

that have lost sight of the goodness of being naked


my son and i
we say to you
live your lives free
break whatever chains inside you
that hold you back from you own glorious radiance

love yourself unconditionally

because it’s more fun that way

because it’s how it was meant to be

because it helps us love ourselves too


and when the sun rises in the morning

wherever you are

laying there within you, within us all

is our naked truth,

the kindest thing:

the grace of god





if everyone didn’t care they would just walk out the door naked and i would too.

they would just get out of bed, eat breakfast, and just walk out the door without even putting clothes on.

it would be good. really good.