Alison – USA

Here we are, adapting back into the rawest form of humanity: becoming comfortable in our own skin through the courage and strength that lives within us.

We exist in a society where this power is suppressed. We hide ourselves in garments and in turn our beauty is concealed. We’ve lost the ability to accept each other as the unique creatures that we are, striving to reach for these standards that have been spoon fed to us since day one.

Pass through the arch,

forget the shame that you have been taught,

and gain the power to love yourself.

It’s damaging to the soul being denied the ability to admire our bodies along with those of our brothers and sisters.

There’s a quiet blindness that exists in too many minds.

Unable to distinguish the difference between nudity and sexuality.

Unable to distinguish the difference between humanity and commercialism.

Unable to see the similarities that we all share deep within our souls and on the very surface of our skin.

In order to feel unadulterated love, I have to be at peace with my body.

For my body, I am eternally grateful.

I love my body for the wondrous adventures it’s given me.

For its dance that arises in moments of rhythmic song or even in the midst of silence.

For the grounding sensation it gives me when I dig my hands and feet into the earth.

For the ability to feel another’s heart beating with mine.

And mostly for sticking around no matter how far off my mind has drifted.

Though it has been a long journey down a bumpy road, my body has taught me self-love.

My experience with this project has represented all that is empowerment of the human body. By putting myself out there, I am preaching that I am beautiful and you are, too.

With all of these photos and words, we are screaming that we are beautiful and you are, too!