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Steven – USA

I was born with a mosaic of birth defects that required multiple surgical and therapeutic interventions. I think I have done the best I can with what I was given. […]

Fleur Inanna – Italy

The mystery builds with every magical breath that is given, the natural blossoming beyond the “I” is most infinitely bound. My path is like water, a way of nature the determines the feminine flow of awakening within the infinite. To fully become and inhabit the unending expression of nature, appearing over and over out of […]

Gord – USA

I’ve mostly been captured with a brush or pencil, not a camera. I love the blending of nudity and nature, and that was a major incentive for doing this. (And at 59 years old, I thought, “Why not?”) […]

David – USA

Why can’t I see myself as the artist does – someone who is appreciated for what he gives and provides – inspiration and excellence? Isn’t that who I really am? […]

Dennis – USA

This is the Dennis that Lisa was hoping for! My precious Lili will rejoice when I am no longer lonely. My tribulation is over, this miracle is on my next adventure…
And this miracle is going to help others kick the world’s ass with a smile on my face…let’s go! […]

Zelle – USA

I am here in this human body, on this planet, at this time, with these people, and in these situations to love and be loved. What better way to love and be loved than to be a fully embodied, seeing and seen human being? Would you like to be seen too?