Entries by erica08

Rex – USA

And Breath….. the transition begins… the clothes drop away….. my skin feels the space….. images captured on camera’s retina…. an awaiting world in need of deep authentic stories…. The dance of the liminal is in full swing.

Brook – USA

Run your hands through me. I am almost ready to be mixed into the earth. I am almost ready to become something I won’t even recognize. […]

Erica – USA

Because of this / because of you / for you and with you / I am on this bench today / so you can see me now / Naked, truly […]

Dana – USA

At the ripe young age of 85, I’ve never been happier with all phases of my life. When people ask me “Dana, how are you always so up?” I reply “Well, I tried being down once and I didn’t like it.” Life is to be lived and enjoyed. […]

DiAnna – USA

I know I am powerful. I know I am vulnerable. Being both is what makes this Human experience a Divine gift. Being able to share and show all of my Self in this way lets me know that I am ready to accept all of the adventure and joy that is here for me. […]

Jana – USA

Today, on the day of my photo shoot, it has been four years and twenty three days since I first received treatment for my eating disorder. Needless to say, my relationship with my body is complicated. […]

Luz + Sandra – USA

We are mother and son, eternal friends and companions in the great mystery, conspiring to heal our lineage. United and completely naked, we are liberated even from our old stories. […]

Deena – USA

Erica just left after taking a generous amount of photographs while I hung around my living room unclothed, completely free to ponder myself in the flesh in front of a lens, and the fact remains… I have no idea what my body really looks like. […]

Delilah – Netherlands

The power is building up inside. And I felt my body; the energy comes in and I started to come alive, to fly, free from the supporting base. No more restrictions. Just space, openness, love, breathing, freedom in a beautiful naked body of a Woman. […]

Ellen – Netherlands

This experience stays with me, it was very transforming. Without judgements and concepts there remained only Being, Loving, and Potential. Since then I feel more connected, FREE in being me, grateful, and filled with a very new feeling of inner joy. […]