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Xandra – Netherlands

I started my Tai Chi Stick… to comfort myself… to BE at the land’s end, on the crossing… of land & sea, water & air, air & earth… I was there… Totally in balance and perfectly fine. […]

Finneke – Netherlands

To stand naked before the camera I actually laid bare my soul. The experience opened the way, released me from prison, connected me to my body. It makes me feel silent and Alive! […]

Nannie – Netherlands

This is the circle of my embodiment. By taking my life for real more and more, new circles will open themselves for new adventures and discoveries. They will touch my fears and my judgments…my hurts of the past and the hurt of generations before me. But most of all they will touch my ability to love and be loved. Sharing my story with the world is part of the healing. […]

Miryam – Netherlands

With participating in the project I want to show my female strength, my dignity, my softness, my humour, my pureness, my support to all people who have lost a part of their body or mind. […]

Ireen – Netherlands

…In the womb of Mother Earth, I really felt to the bone and in every cell of my body, how it feels to be Me, to be NOW, in this very moment in the Here and Now. Totally and fully present in this beautiful body of mine. […]

Theresia – Netherlands

Being on an inner Journey since a couple of years ago, I feel more and more that it is about acceptance, surrender and being right here in every moment. Though this is not easy for me, I feel something deep inside of me, saying ‘just dive into it.’ […]

Jules – Netherlands

I could feel that the suffering—my suffering—was ending here now at this place standing next to Jesus, and he transformed into a symbol of joy and life. I felt my love for him and mankind and his infinite love. […]

Emily – USA

I am Emily: daughter of Cynthia, daughter of Virginia, daughter of Ruth. I am Emily: mother of Tulsi, mother of a child in my womb, soon to be birthed into this world. […]

Becky – USA

I actively initiated my healing journey, or maybe it actively initiated me, in 2007. Either way, something began then that I haven’t been able to stop. […]