Dominique – USA

The Feral Goddess

Once upon a time there was a feral goddess who met a wizard from distant lands. The wild nature of this feral goddess attracted the wizard to share the rhythms of the forest. There she felt her heart awakening to new possibilities of joy through singing, dancing and waterfalls. She never knew this kind of love existed! She felt so open to the magic that one day she fell into a spell of terror. Confused by the terror, she attempted to sing and not even the tiniest sound would come from her mouth, and when she attempted to dance her body would freeze into ice. Unable to break the spell, the wizard had to continue his pursuits to learn the powers of the oceans. The feral goddess was at the depths of the underworld.

For days and nights, the feral goddess would lay on a stone in the middle of the river and cry to the mountains. In the darkness of a new moon and surrounded by the sounds of the forest, she trembled like a soft animal and her skin would shed like a snake. She looked up at the vast sky, calling upon the stars for guidance; tears would fall down her cheeks.

During the act of her invocation she heard the sounds of deep HUMMMS. “What is that?” the goddess exclaimed.

Then, in the blink of an eye a fairy named Fox flew right in front of her face, and he spoke. “I have come from the prayers of a heart full of grief. Your voice is so powerful that the mountains started to shake. Why must you cry goddess?” The feral goddess confessed, “I am scared that I will never sing and dance or love again!” Fox smirked and gently giggled, “Goddess, you are infinite expressions of love. Your wild nature is the essence of your being, and has inspired the wizard to show you the magic of the forest! With the magic you experienced through your songs and dance, you will now know the ways of the forest! Remember that these feelings are the keys to your greatest gifts. Use your voice to sing the beauty you are and know that the love you feel for the wizard is you.”

The feral goddess placed her hands on her chest and closed her eyes. The tears rolling down her checks turned into love and gratitude. “One more thing goddess,” Fox announced. “I brought you a drum. Go to the waterfall with this drum and dance and sing your remembrance. The drum will help you feel the Earth below you, because you are Heaven. It is time for you to bring the heavens you carry inside of you to the forest.”

The feral goddess went to the waterfall with the drum. She sang her most joyous heart songs to the waterfall and gave gratitude to the wizard, imagining the water connecting to the ocean. She knew then that her truest love was the dance and in that knowledge her essence became one, in marriage, with the world.