The Embody Project and Truly Naked Stories – A Preview and Investment Invitation


There is an opportunity for you to become an integral part of the rising body-consciousness movement by becoming an investor in the Embody Project LLC. 

Meet Erica Mueller: commercial, fashion and portrait photographer, and founder of the Embody Project. Published in Vanity Fair, InStyle, W, People, and Us Weekly, Erica’s past clients include Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox, Sony, CBS Television, the Golden Globes, Lilith Fair, and numerous private clients both in and out of the art, music, and entertainment worlds.


The Embody Project began with Erica’s deep struggle to love her body, and herself, despite our culture’s media-generated ideals of beauty and power. She realized that she rarely—If ever—saw any real, naturally naked bodies; that in fact the only naked bodies she did see were trying to sell her something through an idealized beauty, a high-voltage sexuality, provocative posing, and extreme airbrushing. Being a photographer, she made several attempts at healing through self-portrait projects, which were useful but ultimately failed to provide her with a real sense of how she—and her body—fit into the spectrum of humanity. This begged the question in her exploration: Why? Why did she feel so inadequate? And why do so many of us struggle to love and accept ourselves as we are?

Erica thirsted to mend the split between “me and other.” She felt strongly that if she could see many different naked bodies—all genders, ages, shapes, colors, and sizes—simply being themselves in the world, liberated from that unattainably idealized projection and sexual charge, she might finally see herself naturally fitting into our collective human story. And if she could also hear the personal stories about people’s struggles and triumphs, that she might not feel so alone in her own. These two elements together—photo and personal reflection—inspired a profoundly uniting possibility, not just for herself, but for people everywhere.

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Thus, the Embody Project was born in 2010, and  has grown ever since. In the last 2 years, there have been over 300,000 visits to the Embody Project website and people from more than 25 countries have contacted Erica, inspired by the courage of participants on the website, and with a compelling desire to tell their own stories and stand in their naked truth by participating in the Project.

For a closer look at the Embody Project experience, have a look at our short video:

In the last year, the depth and scope of Embody Project participants’ intimate transformations have expanded beyond Erica’s photographic lens. She is now partnered with a talented and inspired film production team and is developing an original episodic series, called Truly Naked Stories (TNS). TNS is the showing and telling, on film, of Erica’s ongoing journey and exploration alongside the experiences of Embody Project participants as they navigate their own unique experiences of embodiment.

The Embody Project LLC is growing internationally to include as many people as possible around the world. In addition to Truly Naked Stories, there are plans to launch an international traveling gallery show with life size prints and an interactive multimedia experience, publish a series of coffee table books, and introduce an educational branch featuring classes, trainings and workshops, all with the goal of inspiring people to love themselves, unique and beautiful as we all are.


We are actively inviting investors to partner and support the Embody Project, LLC.

As an investor in the Embody Project LLC:

  • You will become a co-owner of some (or all) of the available 49% of the LLC.  Shares are valued at $1000 each, with an original issue of 1000 shares.
  • You will receive a 5% return on your investment in three years from the time of purchase.
  • You will be regularly updated on our annual projected gross revenues of $587,000 (documentation available on request).


Currently, we are specifically seeking investors right now to finance the production of the pilot for Truly Naked Stories, our most significant revenue generator for the Project. We are set to begin production in Europe in October 2015, filming 22 new participants. The budget for production of the pilot is $70,000, or 70 shares.


If you’re inspired to support this work and make a personal investment in its global success, we’d love to discuss details, share detailed documentation, and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your inspired interest and consideration!


Trey Scott / Erica Mueller

tel: 01-828-989-9898 / 01-828-318-7007