Jenna – USA

Today, I celebrate my sexuality as a dynamic, daring and expressive force! I am cultivating a practice of coming back into the present moment to inquire, “What is truly alive in my body, where do I feel it and what does it feel like?” Today I am on the mountain, looking out at the landscape I have traversed to arrive at this breathtaking, ecstatic moment of clarity.

I speak from the earth. I am the foundation, the pelvic floor that holds everything up. My words come from the soil, the underside universe of roots and invisible life. And I need witness. I am your heart and your bones and your sex. Don’t you feel me? I am blood spiraling in your veins. I am red. I go down and down and down. I speak to your deep places that flow with the changing moon and tides.

Sexuality and embodiment are integral parts of being human! In my embodied understanding of sexuality, I see the full range of my body’s monthly changes, from the bleeding time to ovulation back to bleeding time. All life stages from birth to crone hood need to be honored.

I am dark. I birth. I die. I give death. I am born. I take all the forms that you see on this planet, I am spirit turned into matter, the Mother. You need to feed me, otherwise I will become ravenous. I will become terrifying. Sit with me in the bleeding times and feed my life with the one you are not growing. Tell every young woman that her blood is holy, that her blood is a gift. 

A radically sex-positive culture is my vision, wherein both feminine and masculine expressions of sexuality are honored and where young people are educated about the power of their sexual life force.

I am the sparks that created you, the first light of breath that breathed and sparked insistence into what was just a disembodied thought at first. The fires of passion and ecstatic union are mine, and the deep, reverberating pulse of my sexuality ignites the world into being. I am a living temple, a sacred place, and everything contained in me is my sexual expression.

Embodiment is not always a celebration. I survived what I have learned to be the voice of the earth coming through my body to tell the story of the abuse, lack of nourishment, violence, life, and beauty; killing and in total denial of the feminine through how we as a modern culture inhabit her. Eating disorders are a modern dis-ease, and the gift has been learning that my body truly is the earth, and the earth speaks through me. It is time to listen.

I am fiercely devoted to Life. I am Life. Death eats me and digested I resprout. Death and I are the same creature. I am made of the bodies of all of your human and not-human ancestors, and one day I will be made of you. One day, I will embrace you and bring you back into the underside universe of roots and invisible life.