The Embody Project  explores body issues in all people — male, female, young, old, healthy, physically challenged, etc — through environmental portraits of people naked, being themselves, real and honest and lovely and amazing in all shapes and sizes.  The intention of the Embody Project is to provide an opportunity for all of us to learn, grow, heal, and love ourselves right now, as we are, as unified and eternal beings in these infinitely diverse and temporary physical forms.


The Mission


To photograph bodies of all ages, colors, shapes, sizes, and genders with pure honesty and total acceptance.


To celebrate the human form, uniting people in the unique beauty that we all are.  To be human is beautiful and an honor.


To illuminate, to connect, to provide a sanctuary, and to foster self-acceptance, inner peace and well-being for all, through experiencing being photographed and viewing photos of people naturally naked.


To explore and further illuminate the nature of body image and issues of self-love through an in-depth interview, and a statement or essay, written by the participant, about their experience of being embodied that will accompany the images.

1. be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
2. provide (a spirit) with a physical form.
Synonyms: personify, realize, manifest, symbolize, represent, express, incarnate, epitomize, stand for, exemplify

May all beings be happy naked.

May all beings know our own beauty and the beauty of those around us.

May we celebrate ourselves and each other.

May we see our similarities through our differences.

May we recognize the fleeting and precious nature of this life.

May all beings be free.