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Rex – USA

Liminal Space


I live in between
(  )
between here and there
between now  and then
between me and you
between exposed and covered

I live in between
(  )
in the liminal space where there is dying and birthing…. where the water becomes ice and ice, water…. where the wound hurts and  heals….

I live in between
(  )
spaces of calm and agitation
spaces of power and weakness
spaces of presence and scatter
spaces of growth and decay
spaces of open and closed
spaces of vulnerability  and protected

I live in between
(  )
for I know that the greater my liminality
……. the greater my potential.
for I sense that the liminal space
…….. is an infinite space.
for I feel my psyche’s liminality
…… dim awareness of the unexplored.

Liminal <adjective> 1.) of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a  process.  2.)
occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.


The topic of liminality speaks loudly in my  Embody Project process.  Yet, it did not arise amongst initial thoughts of the journey of my own embodiment.  It arose during the course of my interview on the land that was soon to be the site for my photo shoot.   Your stories of embodiment, my stories of embodiment – these are so rich and important.   And when I found myself pondering common attributes of my own stories…. this topic arose – the role and significance of liminal experience.

I chose my Embody Project site pre-meditatively for its open spaces and vistas that remind me of the vastness of both our inner and outer universes.   Open space has its own deep psychic meaning for me and provided inner connection and resourcing for the shoot.   Alas, synchronicity was at work as always!  My awareness landed initially upon the physical boundary before my eyes and the sense that I was standing in a space of transition.  On one side of the waters was a modern mecca of civilization (San Francisco).  Rotate around 180 degrees and the scene changes primarily to one of nature – the hills and coastline of Marin County.  My being felt a sense that boundaries (both physical and psychic) were being cradled in the vast open space of that site.

Eye contact between Erica and I frequently brought me to awareness of the major psychic component in that cradle.  Sometimes, we sat silent in mutual spaces of presence and admiration.  At other times… I observed the inner dance of my psyche in and around polarities tied to the meanings my mind and soul were making of the shoot, of the Embody Project, and of the woman sitting beside me.  Many of those polarities inspired the poem above.  A dance at the edges of vulnerability….. a dance with relaxing versus gripping….  a dance inside the growing pains of a new sense of trust….  a dance with the unknowns and vagaries of human connection….  a dance with authenticity and nakedness.

And Breath…..  the transition begins…   the clothes drop away…..  my skin feels the space….. images captured on camera’s retina….  an awaiting world in need of deep authentic stories…. The dance of the liminal is in full swing.