Sierra – USA

I am free
and alive.
I am vulnerable
fully realized.

Some people have told me that I am pretty, and others that I am ugly. I rarely believed either  was important. I was embodied. Regardless of what others saw, my body was my own. It was always there for me, and if I cared for it…it would care for me. The things that could not be seen are what made my body beautiful. I avoided seeing myself as ugly, but I also avoided seeing myself as beautiful.

I am surrounded
by energy.
I am a million pieces
coming together into one.

Then there was a boy. Landon. And when he looked at me the way I saw myself fell to pieces. He took those pieces from me, and built something new. Landon gave me back beauty. My body was no longer just mine…it was mine and it was beautiful. But old habits die hard, and sometimes I still see my body as just being useful. Then I’ll see Landon, and he looks at me like I am the most beautiful being he has ever seen. He helps me see myself.

I am bright eyed
and poised
I am sanguine

Though the wind sometimes nipped at my bare flesh, the sun warmed me. It surrounded and illuminated me. The lake reflected me. The hay-bales lifted me. The crumbling stone building grounded me. The ancient tree wisened me.

I am free
and alive.
I am as I was meant to be
fully realized.